Sailing Boats (my first ZS-50 image)

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    This is my very first image with the new ZS50, and conditions were not good. I pasted in the clouds at top, and you can tell a lot by the trees below the "clouds", plus the distortions behind the sailors. This was at the maximum zoom (720 mm effective), and I thought the detail was fair enough given that the boats were approx. 250 yards away. Reviews have discussed the effectiveness of Panasonic's reduction of pixels from 18mp with the ZS40 to 12mp here. My feeling is this was a good choice, since I had to greatly reduce the ZS40's images in size, and didn't see a need to do as much reduction here (cropped from 4000 to 3800 wide, then reduced to 3072 wide).

    Panasonic ZS50/TZ70, f6.4, 1/500 handheld, ISO 80.