RX100(m2) observation on JPEG/RAW and shadow recovery.

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Chris2500dk, Sep 13, 2014.

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    I did a little test today regarding shadow recovery/underexposure on my RX100m2.
    I put a test chart under a bright lamp, put a ND filter on the camera and took 3 different shots.
    These I imported in Lightroom and bumped the exposure up around 4EV until they were correctly exposed.

    First the JPEG
    As expected it's pretty bad. But JPEG files aren't really made for such heavy manipulation.

    Then the raw file
    Much better I think. Obviously not on the level of larger sensors, but quite respectable, and definetely something I could work with.

    The last shot is also a JPEG, but shot with DRO level 5 turned on.
    It really surprised me how much better it turned out than the regular JPEG. In Lightroom I had to up the exposure by about a stop less than the raw file, so obviously the camera did something.
    Basicly my conclusion is to view DRO as in-camera shadow recovery done before the raw conversion.

    This means that the DRO files are much easier to work with if you for some reason want to post process JPEGs instead of working on the raw files.
    I've been doing this recently, as I'm using Snapseed on my tablet to PP so I need JPEG files. Setting DRO to level 5 and underexposing the shot by around 1 stop gives me some nice and flat JPEGs with greatly reduced chance of blown highlights.
    Snapseed lets me bring back contrast very easily and I can always darken the shadows again to the degree I need it.

    Anyway, this was probably obvious to everyone else, and I've just been rambling, but I found it interesting to do a more controlled test instead of just going on the gut feeling I had from my shooting.
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    May 7, 2011
    Yes, 1" Sony sensor has very good dynamic range for its size...
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    Yeah, amazing little sensor. It has it's limits but it punches well above it's weight. I remember how impressed I was with the jpegs during the short time I was shooting with one. Even the jpegs had a lot of latitude, without using DRO. This is a shot my wife took of me and it was horribly under-exposed due to the brignt sky behind me - my face was basically black. And it was early days, before raw support, so everything was jpeg. And yet I was still able to raise the shadow over my face to get something quite useable out of it... And now I recall it was even done in Snapseed on an iPad, so a relatively crude processing tool as well...

    7787690876_a54d45776a_b.jpg LBI 8/12 by ramboorider1, on Flickr

    It's a great sensor in a camera I never learned to like. But I'm psyched now that Sony is selling it to other manufacturers. Someone's gonna nail it with that sensor and produce a truly classic compact.

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