RX1- How to use the Clear Image Zoom and the Smart Teleconverter?

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    Mar 25, 2013
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    Harry Briels
    The (poor) RX1 user manual does not explain how to shoot with the:
    *Clear Image Zoom" (CIZ) and the
    *Smart Teleconverter (STC).

    These zooming functions seem to produce very good results without sacrificing image quality.

    I would like to store two zoom functions in the memory:
    the 70mm and
    the 140mm focal lengths.

    I understand that a 70mm zoom can be obtained by just using the CIZ and a 140mm zoom by combining CIZ with STC.
    But how to achieve this is nowhere explained. (I can not find it!)

    So I would highly appreciate getting help in putting the necessary settings in the memory.
    Thank you for your help!
  2. I don't use it that much but when I have I put the Clear Zoom on the rear dial (bottom arrow). 2 clicks for max...140mm?

    I really should get round to reading the manual, lol.

    Sorry if this isn't very helpful.
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    Mar 25, 2013
    Mechelen, Belgium
    Harry Briels
    I finally found the way how to use the zoom function in RX1.


    I. Preparations:

    a) Select Image Size "L:24M" (M and S can be used too but better start with L:24M.)

    b) Make sure Quality is in "JPEG"

    c) De-activate the "Smile Shutter function", if necessary

    d) Drive Mode has to be in "Single Shooting"

    e) Make sure "Digital Zoom" is set to "OFF", otherwise the quality of the zoomed image will deteriorate.

    The Clear Image Zoom function is not available in Movie Mode and Sweep Panorama Mode

    II. Assign the Zoom function
    You can only use the zoom function after it has been assigned to one of the programmable buttons of the RX1 (C-Button, AEL Button, or the right, down or left buttons of the Control Wheel).

    For doing so go in the Menu * 3 and assign "Smart Telecon./Zoom" to one of the programmable buttons.

    III. Other selections:
    a) In menu * 3 go to Smart telecom./Zoom and select "Zoom" or "Smart Telecon".

    b) In the first Menu item 2 go to Clear Image Zoom and select "ON"

    IV. Using the Zoom function:
    Press the programmable button to which the Zoom function has been assigned.

    When in Smart Telecon./Zoom "Zoom" has been selected , pressing the assigned Zoom Function Button will show a scale on the LCD with a zoom range from 1.0x to 2.0x whereby all in between zoom values can be used.

    In case in Smart Telecon./Zoom "Smart Telecon." has been selected pressing the Zoom assigned button will open up a small square with 4 arrows in the left down corner of the LCD. It offers just 1.4x zoom. Pressing the Zoom assigned button a second time will increase the Zoom to 2.0x.

    V. Shooting:

    You will see the effect of the selected Zoom on the LCD.

    After having selected the Zoom function and the required Zoom value, you can shoot.

    VI. Additional Zooming ranges

    By reducing the Image Size from L:24 to the other M or S values higher zooming values can be obtained. I did not apply these options because I do not need these.
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  4. Thanks much.. I will give it a try..