Rokkor lenses for NEX 5N - recommendations?

Discussion in 'Sony' started by soundfanz, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I've been on the hunt for some decent rokkor lenses lately, thanks to some advice from Phoenix.
    And I've been pretty happy to find that they go pretty cheap on ebay and the like, so have picked up these two so far:


    MC Tele Rokkor-QD 3.5/135

    I look forward to getting them (and the adapter I ordered) and trying them on the wifes nex.
    Any others I should look at from Rokkor?
  2. What does the PG signify? I have an MC Rokkor f/1.4 but no PG. I have to use an adapter with my Pentax to use it.
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    There's no absolute need to stick to one brand, although the common operation/location of aperture and focus rings is not a bad thing. Given the variance in value of legacy lenses, it may be that the cost a Canon FDn 28mm f2.8 (as an example) + adapter may be less than the cost of the equivalent Minolta lens on it's own. I also know some Micro 4/3 users have an adapter for each lens so that you are only ever mounting or dismounting from the native camera mount. This is especially useful when you are mixing native and adapted lenses.
  4. Good question. I did some research and found the following quote from the Rokkor Files, an excellent site with lots of info on the lenses that Minolta made:

    The difference between the two categories (Typical MC Rokkor and Late MC Rokkor) is generally the discontinuation of the two letter code on the front of the lens. This code designated the number of groups and elements within a lens, with details as follows:
    First Letter (no. of groups): T=3; Q=4; P=5; H=6; S=7; O=8; N=9.
    Second Letter (no. of elements): C=3; D=4; E=5; F=6; G=7; H=8; I=9; J=10; K=11; L=12.
    For example, the 58mm f/1.2 MC Rokkor - PG contained 7 elements in 5 groups. The late MC lenses (3rd MC generation) discontinued this practice.

    Site is here: The Rokkor Files

  5. Hi Nic, thanks for the info. Some good points there to consider.
    I am aware that there is no need to stick to one brand, but apparently some of the rokkor lenses are very well regarded. I thought I would pick a couple up that were inexpensive on ebay, and my wife can try them and see for herself what she thinks.
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    I really hope you enjoy them, some of the more notable ones are

    -The 35mm 1.8 which translates roughly into a 50mm when mounted on the NEX (52.5mm), they're fairly cheap but usually rarer, great if you want a nice fast 50mm for your NEX
    -The 35mm 2.8 Shift CA, It's quite rare and also expensive. IMO this was great back in the days of film, but a little redundant nowadays where one can post process digital images by the use of software.
    -The 85mm Varisoft, possibly the rarest and most expensive rokkor lens. Like the shift CA, this lens was a photographer's dream back in the days of film but I feel it is redundant now with digital post processing.
    -The 58mm 1.2 (I prefer the formulation of the PG variant) with it's legendary bokeh can vary between $300 - $1200 AUD in eBay. I am saving to purchase this lens which in the future will serve as my portaiture lens.

    Rokkor lenses in general are quite good performers and affordable, it's hard to go wrong with a Rokkor lens (unless you get a defective one)
  7. Good news. The first of the Rokkor lenses has arrived and it's in great condition ( MC ROKKOR-PG 1:1.4 50MM ).
    Rushing around doing things other than taking photos unfortunately, but had a chance to put it on the NEX 5N and take this shot. It's a bit of a throw away pic, but loved the colours it produced, with only minimal pp before posting.

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  8. I received my latest Rokkor lense (Rokkor MC Tele 135mm 3.5) this afternoon, here is a picture I took in the back yard while getting to know the lense. Bird is a Butcher Bird.

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  9. Good to see you enjoying your Rokkors. I've been of a mind to acquire more, myself, seeing as I have an adapter.

  10. Good info. I have one, a 28mm. Looks good, great build quality and of course nice optics.
  11. I couldn't resist picking up another Rokkor, and picked up an MC W 28mm 3.5 for only $13 on ebay, just now.
    With postage I'll have it to my door for under $20 Aust, so if it is as described, I reckon I may have got a bargain. :)

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    Looks like your got yourself a bargain there :smile: post some samples when you can! :tongue:
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    Here is a page I keep handy for Minolta MC/MD lenses.
    Minolta Manual Lens List
    I got a MC Rokkor PF 55mm/1.7 first, feels like a real lens, and shots/bokeh have character. I'm hooked ever since. Now have 8 MC/MDs.
  14. They just never seem to be on ebay when I am looking, or able to buy... damn. otoh I am trying to access older K-mount lenses as well and they are of greater importance to me.

    Manual Minolta Lens Index is a better link, it adds the column headers which I needed in order to understand the column contents.
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    I'm currently fighting off a really bad case of GAS, I'm fighting off the urge to buy a 40mm f2 M-Rokkor CLE. They're a tad bit rare and folks who have them tend to hold on to them, it's even harder to find one in a good condition, and once you actually find them they're not exactly cheap. Must...resist.....GAS.......
  16. +1, with feeling!