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    Cimarron, NM is the "big" city near the Philmont Scout Ranch. In fact, you go through Cimarron to get there. The ranch is about 8 miles away. When we finished our trek my son was not too interested in eating in the dining hall for dinner that evening. (You see he is gluten, egg and nut intolerant and that's a whole nother story on our hiking adventure)

    Cimarron has a shuttle, (a big bus), that runs on the hour from the ranch into town for $5 round trip. So my son and I hopped on the bus for dinner in Cimarron. We initially went to the local burger shop which should have the name dump on the sign. So we hoofed it a couple blocks to the St. James hotel.

    Here's a little background on the St. James Hotel:

    St. James Hotel founded 1872

    We weren't sure if they would take us for dinner as we were still smelling a bit and sure didn't have a jacket with us.

    When we walked in I began to apologize for our attire but the Maitre D stopped me in my tracks and said, "Partner, we'll take care of you here. We know where you've been!"

    Well, the service was outstanding and my son wolfed down his NY strip in a NY minute.

    Here's a shot with the Maitre D:

    <a href="" title="R0013694 by Pandorf, on Flickr"> 5898040401_37ff5aea38_z.jpg "478" height="640" alt="R0013694"></a>
    And this is my rendition of the feel of the hotel hallway leading to who knows what, maybe a time in the past where you have a six shooter on each side:

    <a href="" title="R0013698 by Pandorf, on Flickr"> View attachment 38639 "478" height="640" alt="R0013698"></a>
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    Dorf, that is one incredibly cool hotel out West!

    I don't know if these pictures and that history (wonderful read!) will have the same impact as it did on me, for someone from another country - but to read the history of that place is like revisiting my childhood days - Wyatt Erp, Buffalo Bill Cody, Grant (of course), Black Jack...!! I'm back sitting in my family's "tv room" AKA a sunporch, sitting on a wooden bench...and in the Wild West myself!:biggrin: What a super thing for you and your son to have been able to do - and very nice pictures to prove it, too. This will be a trip for you both to remember forever.

    Love that doorway - where's James Garner?:wink: The details on those doors...and to think they remained intact after all those gunfights and more.
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    Thanks BBW, I thought I'd add one more to this. The hotel had free wifi so we were able to face chat with my wife and other son after finishing eating. I tried to grab a couple quick shots outside but the bus had just arrived.

    I ran this one through Nik HDR. I may later on crop this to just include the entrance but thought it was neat with my son talking with his mom.

    <a href="" title="R0013701_HDR by Pandorf, on Flickr"> 5898308543_080125d12c_z.jpg "640" height="478" alt="R0013701_HDR"></a>
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    You both must have had a great time - thanks for sharing your memories.