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Discussion in 'Ricoh' started by m.davidtaub, Feb 16, 2014.

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    In the box with the GR is a 'rechargeable battery user's manual'. One paragraph says, "Always remove the battery from the camera or charger when it's not in use. The battery continues to discharge small amounts of electricity even when the power is off, which reduces battery life."

    Just wondering, do you gr users take the battery out of the camera overnight? Not sure what the time frame should be. Is leaving a fully charged battery in the camera for a few days without using it a bad idea?

    Thanks for any user experience. I did order a third party battery and charger, should be here in a few days. I've noticed that once i've gotten up near 150 images or so one bar on the battery level disappears. Still getting used to the camera. Shooting more than I usually do to see what it does. What the images look like.

    I do notice that colors in Lightroom 4.4 seem pretty saturated, but it isn't all the time. I've even taken two images of the same scene, one right after the other, and the color balance isn't the same. It's markedly different. I've been shooting mostly dng. Some raw+ to see what the Effects look like.

    I tried the Silkypix software that comes with the camera. While in Silkypix the images I've had trouble with in LR4 did look much more neutral for color. But when I exported tif files from both LR and Silkypix the colors looked nearly the same. SP slightly less saturated, but not enough difference for me to stop using LR for my conversions.

    Ok. That's all I got. I know I'm late to the game, but I hope to start posting some images to the image thread in the days to come. It's a great camera. I'm really loving the ergonomics, the image quality (despite the color balance issues), and how light and small it is. I'm on the street, in cafes, in stores, and people hardly notice I'm taking pictures. The ones that do have never given me a second look. It's a great street camera.
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    I feel that the statement about always removing the battery when not in use is exaggerated. I've never done it, and haven't experienced any problems with the battery draining out quickly.
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    Me too. I've never seen any camera manufacturer say this about their batteries. That's why I'm asking. Don't have the camera long enough to 'know' if leaving the battery in or taking it out makes any difference. Thanks for your note.
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    Bill Palmer
    'course not. I put this in the same category as warnings not to leave the driver's seat when cruise control is engaged... :wink:
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    :biggrin: thanks Lightmancer...
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    Exactly. A clause written by lawyers, not engineers or photographers.
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    Nah battery stays in the GR - sometimes for weeks between shots. Just like the car battery where I recklessly leave the leads in-situ after travel.
    :hmmm:…gotta try me that cruise control thing, nice one Bill