Rescued bird - Leica 'D-Lux'

Discussion in 'Nature' started by dalethorn, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Another rescued bird who banged into a window, warming up to fly. I have quite a few images from this great camera now, but haven't been able to work on them due to other projects getting in the way. The 800 ISO was accidental, since I was operating quickly and didn't check the settings. At f6.3, more of the bird should be in focus, but there may be some feather smearing that looks out-of-focus, or the shallow DOF may have something to do with the lens-barrel switch being set to 'Macro'.

    Leica D-Lux, f6.3, 1/250 handheld, ISO 800.
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  2. BillN

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    That would be normal DOF at that distance Dale, but the eyes are sharpe and that's what matters

    any idea what the young bird is?

    nice shot
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  3. BBW

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    He or she is incredibly cute - and I love the disgruntled look on its face! What kind is it? I'm sure I should know. At first I thought it was a baby Mockingbird, but that couldn't be possible at this time of year.

    Completely off topic, I didn't realize you were from Charleston, Dale. I'll be heading down there in April...and hope to hit some nice jazz spots and more downtown. Now that we live a bit farther north than we used to, I'm thinking about a southern move.:wink:
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    Thanks - as far as I could tell from a couple of bird books, it would be a Vireo. It's very small, like the small sparrows commonly referred to as House Finches, and the weight no more than one ounce.
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    I hope you're not a huge fan of Starbucks, so you can visit City Lights coffee around the corner in Charleston, near the Market. It's the hotbed of Charleston intrigue as I often refer to it - very friendly and the ace photographers (not I necessarily) hang out there.
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  6. Crsnydertx

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    Looks like a Yellow-rumped Warbler to me - yellow patches on sides are a key field mark. Nice photo!
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