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  1. Why I would want a better camera than the Olympus XZ-1? I know that there are "better" cameras (I have one or three) but still I think this is one of the best, ever.

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    Bridge to Nowhere by kyte50, on Flickr

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    Weedy Flower by kyte50, on Flickr

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    Weeds and Ducks by kyte50, on Flickr

    Ducks at Large by kyte50, on Flickr

    Edited on iPad so perhaps the sharpening was a little heavy... hard to see it on those small retina screens. I usually do a little, but not by percentage... o well. All of these have been cropped from their originals, some have also been resized. No noise reduction because I couldn't find a suitable tool on iOS. And, just in case you couldnt tell, the day is overcast, periodically raining, and everything is sodden.
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    Bill Shinnick
    Lovely Oly colours Sue.
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    the best camera truly is the one you have with you.
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    Lovely but I think just a trifle too dark

    I put my images through either the Fuji finepix or the nikon editor - simple optimisation
    in this case the nikon editor would be better
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    I think in your hands it is a capable camera, Sue. I've never had any problem with the design or output of that camera, I just like the slightly faster LX7 a bit better -- but the XZ-1 or XZ-2 were at one time on my "short list" of choices for my own compact.
  6. What matters is that you like it.

    Pretty nice shots, if a bit dark.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    The reasons you MIGHT want a different camera could include better low light sensitivity, more dynamic range, shallower depth of field for other than macro shooting, more resolution for large prints or displays, different operating characteristics, wider and/or longer lens, etc, etc, etc.

    If none of those things matter to you, you probably wouldn't want anything different and might not find anything better for your needs. If they do matter, you might.

    None of which will make you or anyone else a better photographer, but they might expand the scope of what you can shoot well. In many ways, great little compacts like the XZ1/2, LX5/7, particularly the Sony RX100, etc, etc, etc, are far more capable in most ways than many cameras that were around even 10-15 years ago. And we were fine with the best of the film cameras when that's all there was. So there are good reasons to just sit tight if you're satisfied with that. But the game keeps changing and newer higher end cameras really are capable of amazing things that lower end cameras are not and no cameras were until very recently. Its up to each of us to determine whether the things they do matter to us and will either expand what we can do with a camera or make the things we already do notably easier and/or better. A question only you can answer. But there are differences and they can matter depending on what you're trying to do...

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    I can post some optimised examples if you want Sue
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    The Olympus XZ1/2, the Panasonic LX5/7 and even the Pentax MX1 are all great cameras. Of course, so is the Sony RX100. My own preference is for the LX7 right now. You just can't beat that f/1.4-2.3 lens. But when replacements for the Oly, Panny and Pentax eventually all have one-inch sensors, they may become irresistable and render larger cameras moot for many.
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    Small is beautiful.
  11. Well, I guess I could have brightened them a bit, but that was the day... not the camera.

    If you want, but I prefer what I have done. I don't like to make things look like something they are not. It was a dismal day
  12. This is where I fall down. I can't afford to update or upgrade every time something new or better comes out. I just don't have the resources. So, I need to remind myself that I have very competent gear, even if I don't always do good things with it. I've been saving for the Ricoh GR, and am almost there, but in the meantime other cameras have caught my eye... and I also now have sufficient to buy that DA*55mm f/1.4 for my K5... its all a matter of balance. I guess the other thing is, I dont really like to sell a camera once I have used it and loved it... crazy perhaps but ... oh well...

    (and I think its going to be the GR, not the 55mm)
    (or maybe an Oly E-PL5)
    (or a Panny G series)

    See? I'm stuck. Thats why I havent bought anything (apart from the resource issue) for nearly 2 years. (Maybe I'll get the X-30 or X-s2 if they ever eventuate, from Fuji). Its just not possible to keep up... So I guess I need to remind myself that for my photography, such as it is, the XZ-1, the X100, the GRDIII, the K5 will all do the job I need them to.
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    Mar 27, 2013
    in which case if you like it & its more truthful for you that's enough
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    Mar 27, 2013
    Same boat but likely on an even stricter budget which is why I stick with the 660 .. when I get back from holiday I'll be running a few tests on some old film cameras I have here - capital outlay is minimal just a bit less convenient in processing & time. Should be fun.
  15. On the matter of the 660 and in my case the 770 that I returned... I must confess I have been attracted to the 900 which is never going to be released in Australia (nor is the HS50)... I just wish I could actually *see* one. It has a 910k dot screen instead of the old 460k dots of the 550-800... so the issues I had with the 770 would possibly not exist. On the weekend I looked at a TZ40 and a Sony HX50 side by side... both with 920k dot screens... I had absolutely no issues with the TZ... but the sony was a washout... unuseable, pretty much. Also had the RX100 at the same time, and it was like the TZ... excellent screen. I dont get it. Maybe the HX had a higher gloss on the screen, no idea. Must confess the RX is as much of a temptation as any other at the moment.
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    Mar 27, 2013
    well compared to my old Halina Paulette Electric (long since gone) all modern cameras are packed full of miracles, but its just such a pain leafing through the menus to select one

    what I want is a fair crack at simplicity

    theres a lot to be said for sticking with something you love & enjoy & budget constraints can be a useful arguement to justify it
  17. One thing I have learned from this exercise... editing on the ipad is fraught. I don't think I'll be doing it anymore. I wont delete those shots but...
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    Really? I believe Karen/Briar does all of her work on her iPad as does/did Alf.
  19. Karen is pretty special, though, I think most anything she does is gold. I find it difficult to see what I am doing when its colour...