Really surprised Canon hasn't done anything with the M

Discussion in 'Canon' started by wt21, Nov 14, 2014.

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    More than a year later, and I just can't believe Canon never did anything with the M system. If they just put better AF in that little body -- wouldn't have to really change anything else -- and so many people would be using it. People like me who don't own a DSLR anymore, and people with Canon DSLRs.

    There are lots of other things they could do with the M, but if they just gave it good AF, it would be used today. Heck, people use NEX cams without many lens options, I am sure people would use the M with it's small list of fantastic lenses.

    What a miss on Canon's part.
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    Really. The AF after the firmware upgrade was acceptable if not great. The touchscreen was great, the IQ was good and RAW files had great flexibility. An EVF, even a clip on, would have helped. Still, even with it's flaws it was a great basis for a mirror-less system. It's clear Canon was afraid they were sabotaging their own DsLRs.
  3. The AF with the upgraded firmware is quite acceptable - to me, at least - provided that one can get used to the touch-centric screen controls. I honestly didn't have any problems with them - but I'm a diehard iPhone user so they seemed quite natural to me, in spite of the fact that my other current digital cameras (Lumixes, a GX7 and a GX1) both have a lot more dedicated buttons and click/control wheels. But I also think that for me, the key to liking my M is that I don't view it as a 'system' - but rather as a tiny, semi-pocketable compact with a fabulous (and quite fast) wide-angle pancake lens. It's possible that if I needed to build an entire system around it, I might be frustrated; but as a take-along take-anywhere high-quality compact, it's one of the better cameras I've ever used.
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