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    I've been reading "Moments: The Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs" by Hal Buell, the 2011 edition. It's a collection of Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism from the beginning of the Prize.

    Here's a completely irrelevant and useless observation that I have relevantly observed.

    From 1942 when the Prize began its photographic life, the predominant camera used in Pulitzer Prize winning photographs was the Speed Graphic camera. If you don't know what this camera looks like, you'd know it right away if you Googled it. It's the classic news-guy photojournalist's camera of the era.

    A vast majority of the Prizes awarded are to photojournalists.

    Keep in mind also that there are a couple of photographic categories each year. So while a particular camera name might be excepted, the other category will be the default I also mentioned.

    The minor exceptions were the 1952 when the Prize was awarded to a 35mm motion picture still, and 1954 when a complete amateur snapped a very dramatic photo with the humble Kodak Brownie box camera.

    1955, 1959, 1960 - Rolleiflex camera.

    1956 - 'various cameras'.

    1962 - a Hasselblad used to capture an un-posed image of two Presidents of the USA.


    Then when the era of the smaller 35mm camera arrived, the default camera used in Prize-winning photos were Nikon SLRs.


    1963, 1975 - Leica.

    1968 - a Rolleiflex.

    1970 1971 1976 1981 1985 1987 1992 1995 - combination of Leica and Nikon.

    1971, 1977 1991 - Nikormat.

    1972 and 1973 1978 - Leica. You'll know 1973's Prize winning photo. Everyone knows it.

    1979 - Fujica

    1978 - Pentax!

    1987 1989 1993 1996 2000 2003 2004 2005- Canon film

    1989 - Minolta

    1990 - Canon and Nikon

    1993 Nikon film, and Kodak digital camera.

    1999 - Nikon Kodak diital cams

    2001 - 9/11, covered by a combination of all kinds of cameras. Awarded to the staff of the New York Times.


    Then when the digital camera began to be used from 2005 onwards, the Canon digital started making an impact, the 5D, over the other names.

    2006, 2007 - various cameras (Hurricane Katrina in 2006)

    2008 2010 2011 Nikon digital

    2010 Canon G10 - a compact!
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