Prescott, AZ trip. Arts and Crafts Fair.

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  1. Both my wife and I had the day off Monday, (Labor Day in the US), so we took a road trip out of the 102 F Phoenix heat to the town of Prescott, 81 F. So nice to get away for a bit.

    They have an Arts and Crafts Fair that weekend, so we wandered around a bit and had some lunch before heading back. Had the 28-70mm and A6000 in tow.

    A few shots at lunch

    Giving me the eye

    Our Waitress

    Getting her face painted

    The final result

    A little treat


    Some other just random shots throughout the day.




    One of the many local shops


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    Sep 21, 2010
    Not too far from Philly
    you should be able to figure it out...
    Very cool photos and nice memories. Some for me too - I went to summer camp in Prescott as a kid. I remember being in a July 4th parade in town - a bunch of us little summer camp cowboys riding through on horses - and it was filmed for a Steve McQueen movie being made in town that summer. If you knew just when and where to look, you could actually see the 10 year old me riding by in that movie. It was called Jr. Bonner - not one of his better efforts!

    I haven't been there in probably 44 or 45 years - I doubt I'd recognize the place except for the little town square, which I assume hasn't changed all that much...

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  3. It is a fun town to visit.

    We used to go a lot more when my parents lived there.

    And a few more




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    The young lady's eyes in the icecream pic are beautiful.
  5. Thanks. ☺