Pigs and Pumpkins

Discussion in 'Nature' started by wt21, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. wt21

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    Aug 15, 2010
    After the Harvest season (Halloween to Thanksgiving), we like to feed the pumpkins to the pigs at the local farm.

    Watching a pig eat really demonstrates where our english expression comes from, and also makes you pay attention to your table manners better!

    Any rate, they do like their pumpkins.

    20131207-20131207-IMG_7318 by wt2100, on Flickr
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  2. TraamisVOS

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Melboune, Australia
    I've seen humans with far worse table manners at a pie eating contest. These pigs are doing ok in comparison.
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  3. wt21

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    Aug 15, 2010
    What was crazy was how fast they got into the pumpkins. The pumpkins went over whole (at least these two did) and I was startled how quickly the larger pigs got right into the pumpkin.
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  4. entropic remnants

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    Mar 3, 2013
    John Griggs
    Ha ha ha ha ha! That's awesome. They look like some weird species where the pumpkin is part of their head, lol.
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  5. Yeats

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    Jul 31, 2012
    New Jersey, USA
    I don't understand... doesn't everybody eat like this? :confused:
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  6. Nice. The old saying is if you have a body to get rid of, feed it to the pigs. There will be nothing left.
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  7. BBW

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    Jul 7, 2010
    betwixt and between
    They look as happy as pigs...in pumpkin heaven! Something about this picture just makes me smile. :biggrin:
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  8. Andrewteee

    Andrewteee All-Pro

    Jul 8, 2010
    Fantastic picture! What amazes me about pigs is just how big they really are.
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  9. RT Panther

    RT Panther All-Pro

    Dec 25, 2012
    Love it! A truly unique photograph! :cool:
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