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    This title borrows heavily from a thread started by BBW many moons ago.

    I sometimes wax towards laziness and prefer to catch a video than to read. This morning was no different. Our beloved site was down for maintenance and, rather than process the photos for print as I had promised my better half, I turned to procrastination. So I trawled web videos for some inspiration - as it's far too hot to venture outside to photograph.

    Having last night stared long and hard at photos from W. Eugene Smith I wanted to learned a little more about him, his life and his images. I came across this excellent 90 minute documentary (10 minutes uTubes divided in 9 or so parts). The order of them is a little haphazard, so pay no regard to the "Part" number in the comment line but look to the title for the series (i.e., 1/9, 2/9, etc.)

    So here's the first instalment...:fingerscrossed:.

    Hope you enjoy...and please do share any other photography videos worth your time in this space for when next we need inspiration or to whittle away some time :thumbup: