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  1. Is there a good reason that the photographs I had previously uploaded via "Manage Attachments" have been deleted? I'm just curious, because sometimes that's how I submit stuff rather than use flickr. Used to be they would all show up when submitting, now everything except the photo of me, has gone.
  2. Luke

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    I'm not sure how that would happen Sue. I've never used the "manage attachments" way of sharing photos. Is it just "pointing" to them in the gallery or is it actually uploaded somewhere else. Are you sure it was ever there to start with? I've been pretty busy on the site this morning and I don't recall seeing any new photos of yours except the Coke can.
  3. Yes, Luke, 100% certain. There was maybe 10 photographs and they aren't stored in the gallery. If you check the gallery, the coke can wont be there. And.. going back to various threads where I have done it in the past... there will be blanks where the photographs should be.

    Yesterday I was looking in a thread (I wish now I had made a note of which one) and there were comments on some photo or other... but it wasn't there anymore. Looked like it had never been. Don't think its just mine that have been affected.
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    Nov 11, 2011
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    hmmmm. This is definitely above my knowledge set. Maybe Amin, can figure it out. I don't understand where they are stored if they aren't in the gallery and you're not just "pointing" to them on flickr.
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    Well, I know that one can only have so many attachments...but I can't recall whether the older ones automatically get deleted when you reach carrying capacity so that the new ones can be added.
  6. Oh well, not to worry, I was just curious. I'm not especially peeved or anything, I was just surprised. I only use that area for uploading something (eg the coke can) when I don't particularly want to have it as part of a gallery anywhere. I was just thinking... its even possible that I deleted the shots myself, though I have no memory of having done so, nor can I think why I would have... but its possible (edit: not possible, I can't even see a way to delete from there)

    Anyhoo, I probably wont use that area anymore. I'll revert to using something different... There's a free image sharing place called imgur and that will be just as effective :) (edit: So anyway, I have moved the coke can to imgur and if you look in that thread -26th oct- you'll see how it presents. It works)
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    Jul 3, 2010
    I didn't change anything with regards to attachments. Not sure what could have happened :confused:.
  8. Maybe the server move? I havent used it in ages, so would not have noticed. anyway, Imgur will do the do for me :)