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  1. I don't remember where I saw this mentioned, it might even have been in this forum...

    Anyway, based on that mention, I joined the site. Its UK based, and is selective about what it accepts for display (that said, almost everything goes up, its just a matter of making sure your images are sharp, and of sufficient bytesize to be useful if someone wants to buy). They won't take family snaps, or your favourite cat, or animals in cages etc, but generally almost everything is acceptable. Ohh yeah, dont have blown highlights or dippy horizons either...

    You can only post 3 images a day, and its as well to make use of the commenting system for other people, to get noticed, yourself. Otherwise what happens is that you get noticed when your images have been accepted, and people start commenting. I got all excited when I woke up the first morning after submitting, to find all three were accepted and tehre were a truckload of comments. Wow! I thought... but in fact theres just a selector box (like it, love it, exceptional) which most people use instead of making a "real" comment. I only respond to the real ones now, and dont get that excited otherwise. Mind you... those likes, etc, all affect where in the site your image is displayed, and therefore whether the community pays attention to you. I made it onto the featured members banner today, only 36 hours after I joined. My shots are doing OK, it seems. I've also had quite a lot of "commercial hits" which havent translated to a sale... but you never know...

    Anyway, I guess what I am saying is this. If you think your stuff is good enough to grace someone else's wall, its probably worth joining this site. The forums are fairly active and you can promote your portfolio there on your own website via the use of a reciprocal link.

    Here's the link you need, go for it :)
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    I have been a member for about 18 months. Had 2 sales so far. I think the secret is to have as many photos as possible, good thing costs you nothing. Having said that, I made about 40 quid out of the sales. I have sold 2 through a private gallery and made 140 quid minus about 25quid costs.

    Red is a similar site. Had no sales there.
  3. Been with Redbubble for about 4 years. Not a sale and there, its about selling to each other, and its just not effective at all. If you even want exposure on RB you have to be commenting and replying to comments and you never get away. If you want to promote your site outside, thats good, but all promo is up to you, they dont even have the banners anymore.

    P4M Jon seems to have made an excellent effort in terms of getting exposure outside the site, for members. I like how he does it. I am not necessarily expecting to get a heap of sales, but yes, the more shots you have there, the better you do. I think its probably worth the effort. I'm getting a lot of commercial hits and its a numbers game. That said, I'm not going to upload just any old thing.

    Now I need to get a new domain, because it seems that the reciprocal links will not work for a subdomain. And I detest the domain I chose last year, its just awful (which is why I dont promote it. theres nothing there)
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    Thanks for the heads-up on this one Sue and nice to see you having early success.
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  5. Thanks, Bill. It would be kinda nice to get a wee bit of income from it, to supplement the pension :-/

    [edit] MUCH later. Just done more research on what stuff means. The coloured camera icons puzzled me somewhat, I knew it was about hits but not what the actual colours mean, so much.

    And so, I am very chuffed. Of 6 images (3 more waiting for approval) I have 1 green, 2 yellows, 2 reds and a BLACK!!! Now, I want someone to buy something LOL!