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  1. I've tried (I think) absolutely every available image manager for Mac. I really don't want one that I can edit with (so forget Aperture and Lightroom), I dont want it to run its own database (goodbye Aftershot Pro and iPhoto). I currently have XNView, and Unbound on board, but in a moment of rashness, decided to buy Perfect Browse 9 from the Mac app store. It was half the cost of the version from OnOne so for the financially challenged seemed to be an excellent solution. Additionally, its possible to send to almost any other application on your computer. Everything was fine until I upgraded to OSX10.10.2 again (I was never going to upgrade from 10.9.5 but slowly and surely, apps I really want the updates for do not work in the older OSX). Anyhoo... can't send images anywhere... not even to other OnOne apps like Perfect Effects.

    I wrote to OnOne, and apparently its a known issue, to do with the App Store (probably that blasted sandboxing thing) and OnOne have offered me, FREE of charge, the entire Perfect Suite. I'm impressed. It won't be the premium version but imagine that, the entire suite...

    OnOne has my vote as the best for customer support!

    IN the meantime, I know I'm babbling. Just crawled out of bed and need coffee :)
  2. Actually, it *is* the Premium suite they are giving me. How nice!
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    yowza! that is very decent of them! Hope the PB9 situation will get resolved at some point too...
  4. Well, its being solved for me, by giving me the full suite which is the downloadable one from their site, not the app store version. Theres also a help page which tells people to send their app store invoice, in order to get the freebie. They say they are working toward a solution, but gee, I like the one they provide in the interim :) This is customer service!!

    awww... quelle dommage! Not the full suite. Just the browse component. Oh well, I don't really mind, it was browse I really needed so its all good. I may upgrade to the full suite at some point after having seen their promo video, but for now, a working browse is what I need :)
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    Nice one Sue - I've been using the full suite since V5 (2011) and like it better than Nik and Topaz which I also own. Their upgrade prices are a bit steep imho but they do look after their customers and there is a huge quantity of video tutorials.
  6. I was sure impressed from the promo video... and I am enjoying Browse because it does exactly what I need and can feed photographs direct to the app I want. That said, Effects is pretty nice, too.
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