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    Jul 17, 2013
    Last night I met a gentleman while trying to take a landscape picture in my local park, over looking the shore. Loudly from a distance he approached me and forcefully suggested i take his picture, as I would never get a picture of an Irishman like him. After our long conversation I believe that might be true. Anyway, how could I refuse such a character! So I swung the camera around on the tripod and quickly fulfilled his request. There was no time for composition or even to consider focus. Just capture the moment, hope everyone is happy and pray that would be the end of it.

    However, during the evening various people came over to me to ask what I was looking at or what was it i saw. It was my first outdoor opportunity to use my Manfrotto tripod, and it would seems from last nights experience, a camera on a tripod convinces everyone you are a professional, even when all you hoped for was a quiet night to know your hobby better.

    Here is the image taken of this unusual character -

    Anyone else have similar stories of attracting unwanted attention or meeting interesting people simply because you are using a tripod?