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    ...on Harrison Street and Leveriza Street in Pasay City. All shot with X-E2 and XF23.

    <a href="" title="DSCF0996 by olli, on Flickr"> 16481567202_7e9a916749_o.jpg "533" height="800" alt="DSCF0996"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1022 by olli, on Flickr">[​IMG]"533" height="800" alt="DSCF1022"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1042 by olli, on Flickr"> 16294819788_d47d4c37ef_o.jpg "533" height="800" alt="DSCF1042"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1043 by olli, on Flickr"> View attachment 106889 "533" height="800" alt="DSCF1043"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1044 by olli, on Flickr"> View attachment 106890 "533" height="800" alt="DSCF1044"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1046 by olli, on Flickr"> 16481562772_8f8f3d2cc7_o.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="DSCF1046"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1052 by olli, on Flickr"> 16295083100_60d01be31d_o.jpg "533" height="800" alt="DSCF1052"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1057 by olli, on Flickr"> 16296613807_7bf4be31a4_o.jpg "533" height="800" alt="DSCF1057"></a>

    <a href="" title="DSCF1065 by olli, on Flickr"> View attachment 106894 "533" height="800" alt="DSCF1065"></a>​
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    Bill Shinnick
    Nice casual portraits Olli.
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