Panasonic LX100 reviewed by M Reichmann

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    Bill Shinnick
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  2. Excellent review there. Thanx for posting the link.
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    That is pretty much my experience as well . . . except that I sometimes use the filter mode and the iA mode.

    The one thing that I don't recall Reichman mentioning is the excellent manual focus, which is very handy for "selective focus" when you have, say, bushes in front of what you really want to focus on.

    Occasionally I miss having an articulated screen; for example, when I am trying to photograph the stars.

    This shot was taken on Jan. 23: a ten second exposure in the cold. I put the tripod and the center column all the way up so I could see the screen.


    Here's the same shot, enhanced with the "find extraordinary detail" function in Perfect Effects 8:


    Also, when it is cold out, I find that I can work the controls wearing supple work gloves.

    Cheers, Jock
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