Outside the Barra's

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    You were brave! Not a very safe pitch to flash a camera. Especially if they think you are from the DSS!
    Do you know what those stars mean? From Wiki (with reference to nautical stars) - When two stars are worn on the chest, the wearers left will be red, and the wearers right will be green. This represents port and starboard. At sea, if a vessel can view both port and starboard lights, it is an indication that another vessel is headed directly for them and they must "give way." In this sense, the port and starboard tattoo is a warning to others to "give way." Like other traditional sailor tattoos, this design should only be worn by those who have earned the right by: engaging in dangerous activities at sea, winning a bar fight in a foreign port, or other epic actions.

    Glasgow culture, classy as you like. Bring yer ain chib.
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    Nice one Heather and what does it mean when that same Illustrated Man is walking down the road starkers? :eek:
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    He was walking and talking fast and loud. He also looked agitated I wasn't about to impede his progress. This is quite a small crop from the 10mm on my V1. The strange thing is, I actually feel more comfortable in Glasgow than I do in the small west country town of my birth !
    I have been a regular visitor for the past 3 years and have been educated on the local customs by my lovely young lady. She is also a great ambassador for her city. As for this guy. I would say another epic action !
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    A really disturbing photo - File under War Zone Photos
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    Glasgow has some wondrous sights indeed