Old Fuji Camera shots.

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  1. Post them here if you have any...

    This is now a 6 year old shot, from my Fujifilm S8000fd. It was a superzoom that was widely decried as being awful, and indeed the jps images were fairly typically smeary. But occasionally something would work out. I've tried to mitigate the blue cast that the camera created, it was very early morning, only just after sunrise and I have no idea why it ended up so blue... the original is just...wrong..

    Blue Morning par Sue Wotton, on ipernity
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  2. BBW

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    I like it, Sue. Old photos - "old" being a rather elastic term - are often the most wonderful.
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  3. ReD

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    Mar 27, 2013
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  4. Nice shots, 3Mp is good. I had/have an Oly from around the same era (recent purchase of new batteries may well see it back in use) :)
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  5. Still using my old Fuji F30 from time to time.
    It's so tiny, it's nice for when I don't want to carry any camera :)
    (And it's battery life is still amazing... really like it never runs out of battery...)

    These are from ten days ago...

    Easter Sunday at the beach by tilman paulin, on Flickr

    Easter Bunny by tilman paulin, on Flickr
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    My second SLR was a Fujica ST601, back in 1980. I still have the negatives and slides stored somewhere but would have to dig really, really deep.
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    absolute proof how worthless megapixels are if you are doing just web sharing. The processing and smoothness on that 2nd shot is just grand.
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  8. ReD

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    Mar 27, 2013
    thanks wt - I recall it took a bit of time though & processed with finepix editor & probably nikon editor

    3mp generally falls apart with smearing on faces / hair & doesn't like cropping

    BTW 99% of my photos here are at 8Mp
  9. Ahhh, jealous. I had an F20 for a while, along with the S8000fd but always lusted after the F30 which was the better of the two. I think there was an F31 which was supposed to be even better? Having trouble remembering now. Love that first shot, lots!
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  10. Thanks Sue! :) Yes, there was an F31fd afterwards. Apparently with improved matrix metering, slightly improved jpg engine and face detection (fd).
    I got the F30 probably 5 or 6 years ago, when Fuji was selling off old stock. It was already "outdated" back then, but I'm still happy with it for what it is (a tiny camera with more than decent image quality and eternal battery life :) )
  11. Here's one I had never even processed in any way, before. NFI why. Its the Endeavour, a replica of the ship which brought Capt. James Cook to Australia in 1770. The original was a research vessel. The replica is now used as a holiday/learntosailtheoldway vessel :)

    Endeavour Replica par Sue Wotton, on ipernity
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  12. Indeed they were pretty special. They all had a larger sensor, too, a 1/1.6 IIRC. I found the F20 a little "fat" for my needs, so when I sold the S8000fd to a friend, she also bought the F20, she was heading off to do some travelling around Australia, and I then used my K200D exclusively until I missed having a superzoom, and bought the FZ100
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    I bought a F30 when they hit the stores in Melbourne; as I recall, I bought the first one to get to that particular shop. Mine has a third party silicone skin that I've been using ever since, so the camera itself is almost pristine. It has been interstate and overseas with me as recently as 2010.

    262536968_121257220a_z.jpg F30 - Southbank by dusk comparison by Archiver, on Flickr

    324244950_a97fd326fb_z.jpg F30 - Leaf Canopy by Archiver, on Flickr

    3030910845_9a4e21253c_z.jpg F30 - The Coming of the New by Archiver, on Flickr

    These images were straight out of the camera, I think. I did very little postprocessing in those earlier days.
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  14. Archiver

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    Jul 11, 2010
    Melbourne, Australia
    My other Fuji from the old days is the Natura Black F1.9 film camera. With a 24mm f1.9 lens, it was a low light machine for a film compact. Mine arrived in 2006 and was by my side for over a year. This camera also went interstate and overseas with me, to Hong Kong and China.

    262115680_a0f6fb17a9_z.jpg Natura - Picasso from the side by Archiver, on Flickr

    292878475_1b760b7437_z.jpg Natura - The Westin by Archiver, on Flickr

    321126118_d8499c6fde_z.jpg Natura - Cascades of Light Pt II by Archiver, on Flickr

    457485697_2d60aab839_z.jpg Natura - A Thousand Christmas Stars by Archiver, on Flickr

    2620008900_3c500f199d_z.jpg Natura - Waiting by Archiver, on Flickr

    All photos were developed, colour corrected and scanned by the lab.
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  15. A little lowlight wonder, I reckon :)
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  16. ReD

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    Mar 27, 2013
    What prompted you to start this thread Sue ?

    All very interesting so far
  17. Wanted to post some old but newly processed stuff and then thought that I was not Robinson Crusoe and there would be others withhold shots or old fujis which might bear a bit of exposure. :)
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    Fujifilm F10

    From my Fujifilm F10. Beautifully made camera, but for some reason I never bonded with it. Too much of an image quality gap between it and the Canon 20D I was shooting at the time.

    These were shot in Curacao in 2008. Sharpening and curves applied in PS.






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