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  1. Shot this at a disused farm in Surrey. I had a speedlight behind the model and he is holding a Metz Mecalight illuminating his face.

    19720840461_b158a17ffb_b.jpg Numanoid by Andrew West, on Flickr
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    Another killer shot, Andy. I'll bet Mr. Numan would also like your lighting style. You got me looking at Youtube this morning to check out a few old Tubeway Army favorites of mine and ran across this (quite amazing) new recording by Gary of an old classic. If your mate here hasn't seen it, I'll bet he'd dig it. I can't remember the last time I heard an old artist re-record one of my favorite songs and not think that he butchered it. I still prefer the eerie original, but this one is quite stellar on it's own.
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  3. WOW! Thank's for the link Luke. Not seen that vid!! Classic track. I'm going to see him in October where he will be playing the entire Telekon album plus B sides live!! Can't wait!! :)
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  4. What a great feel to the shot.
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