November Nocturne Night 27

Discussion in 'Image Quest' started by drd1135, Nov 28, 2013.

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    I'll start a few more so we'll have a complete set.
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  3. Elk shadow

    Well, I'm a day late for Night 27 - and actually this photo was taken several weeks ago, but I haven't been out at night lately so this will have to do for now. It was taken down at a local 'Elks Club' - where there is a large and imposing stuffed Elk - but something about the lighting and the shadow that he was casting, caught my eye.

    Elk shadow by La Chachalaca FotografĂ­a, on Flickr
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  4. TheRubySusan

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    That's cool, MiguelAFT! The first light I noticed was that on his rump, and as it's not casting the shadow (the light grazing his eye and ears, not so visible from this angle, is doing that) the shadow was very disorienting. And for it to be bisected by the blinds like that - very well seen!
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    I was hoping for nice outdoor shots when we stayed in Jefferson City, Mo to have Thanksgiving with my late husband's family (my husband calls them his "in-laws once removed!") Well, not only was it cold, but capitol cities with not much else doing for them sort of curl up and go to sleep when the legislature isn't in session. Nonetheless, I took a few shots at the brewpub we ate at on Wednesday, Prison Brews. Yes, you heard me. It's built on the site of the old administration building, or something of the sort, and it took the prison theme and ran with it. I played along as long as I could, but when the restrooms were past a portal with a sign above it saying "Gas Chambers," I told my husband, "I'm never coming back here again."

    However, Copper brew kettles are always things of beauty.
    Two Brew Kettles at Prison Brews, Jefferson City, Mo. by rubyj29, on Flickr
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