Not-so-hot, or Meet them on your own terms

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  1. Alf

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany
    As you might remember, Florence is quite near and I always forget to hop on the train and get there - but that's what guests are for, to inspire you with the question, "what am I going to do with them?", the answer being "let them loose in Florence and enjoy the results".

    So here we are, just off from the train, discussing Santa Maria Novella while this trio heads in, the leftmost protecting the unsuspecting two.
    Whose di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Via Tornabuoni here - this couple watches down from the steps of S. Michele e Gaetano, in awe at the magnificence of the Herm├Ęs windows.
    Marvel, in front di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Slowing down to get reunited, missing him.
    Almost waiting di alfrjw, su Flickr

    The workers of the fashion system start to gather for the 18th night out, taking their time and discussing coverage before the beautiful people arrive. Speed won this time too - and I missed focus :)
    Subject, matter di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Meanwhile, they just don'know what this is all about and only look for the next place to see (and maybe ice cream)
    Next? di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Stendahl syndrome - the fatigue shows in most of them, but one - posing for her blog.
    Sitting, pretty di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Conflicting inputs here - straight walking into the maelstrom suggests she knows what she is doing, but the nose into ther guidebook screams the opposite; the 80s cut and apparel means early citationism or careless vintage. I'll say she's fact-checking or going to meet someone.
    By the book di alfrjw, su Flickr

    We all know who she is, and I get only one nonprocessed to show.
    Lighter, darker di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Ready to enter Palazzo Vecchio, a nice way to do your tying knots, half the world your witness. Maybe a little uncomfortable in that garb.
    It's all done. di alfrjw, su Flickr

    But we also sit, eat, chat, play and after a while we get to Santa Croce (to say hello to the statue of Segato from behind), and follow the road uphill to the square while we meet them.
    Say so di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Happily chatting, waiting for the ladies to buy seeds.
    Waiting? di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Other, luckier, Russians, celebrating just before Chanel.
    Right, now di alfrjw, su Flickr

    And their photographer, even happier on a real contract. (to the right - that's proper attire for Formal Assisting)
    Well done di alfrjw, su Flickr

    There's more where these came from, and only editing will tell.
    Meanwhile, all E-PL3 with Oly 45mm f/1,8, out of camera Jpegs
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  2. HeatherTheVet

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    Apr 23, 2011
    How can you forget to go to florence!!!
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    Nov 12, 2010
    oh wow, fantastic series! Slowing down, looking for ice cream and pre-wedding shot are absolutely amazing!
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  4. Alf

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    Oct 11, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany
    A few more after browsing.

    In a side chapel of S. Michele e Gaetano, a door opens and shows a hidden look.
    Hidden, waits di alfrjw, su Flickr

    A little wonder in this window, more a museum than a shop, her eyes alight.
    One for the ladies di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Art leaves the hungry for more, I suppose. Most don't notice cheaper, more comfortable alternatives in side streets - but the people watching is unsurpassed.
    Full of art di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Not full yet, they just show the moment.
    Happy, forbidden di alfrjw, su Flickr

    Last week she came back to the square, a shining copy of her former self, getting married.
    She's getting married di alfrjw, su Flickr

    One more of the door of Paradise; see the change right in front of the gothic past.
    It changes before our eyes di alfrjw, su Flickr
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    Sep 10, 2012
    There's one absolute gem in these series, the shot of the girl twisting on her bike. What can I say. Wow.
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  6. Penfan2010

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    Jul 21, 2012
    NJ, USA
    Thanks for sharing these. My favorite is the view of the side chapel in st. Michael e Gaetano. Great light and composition.
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