Not getting out much: RAIN!

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  1. So I went, anyway.

    The trip into town was ... unremarkable... except that at 4.30 in the afternoon, it was too dark, when sundown was not for 3 hours. (GRD3)

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    I headed down to the beach, and apart from a few crazy people standing about in the ocean, there was nothing much to see. Flat surf, rain, tedious. (K-5)

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    Back at the harbour, there wasnt much to see without windscreen wipers working (K-5)
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    And when they did... more crazy people in the rain. (K-5)

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    I eventually decided to get a better vantage point to see what was happening with the yachts I had spied (note the tall dark shadow in the rain shot... its a yacht... believe it or not) and I was forced to get out of the car and get drenched for the following shots. I'm glad I did, but must remember to take a cloth, next time, to wipe the lenses down. WR or not, I still am not that fond of risking water getting sucked in through the zoom. (K-5)

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    Then, on to the supermarket. No shots... but later... I was very very naughty... (GRD3)

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