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    I went to my local camera store which only carries Sony, Canon and Nikon. I asked the clerk to if they carried a V2, yes but they do not put on display. He then proceeded to inform me that the Sony Nex 5r was a superior camera in every way, that the specs on the Nikon were not truthful. For those that use the V2 what are your thoughts about the camera?
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    Make A List of What You Want, Then Read the Reviews

    Suffice it to say, most clerks in the retail stores aren't that deeply knowledgable about the products they stock. Each camera has it's own pros and cons. Before anything, consider writing down what YOU want in a compact camera, then read some credible reviews and tick the boxes on your list. Who comes out the winner? :) You might also be surprised by what you didn't think about.

    Remember - write that list down first. Here's an apples-to-apples comparison on exactly those two cameras by a well known Nikon commentator who is very objective about other brands.

    Sony NEX-5 Review | byThom sans Mirror | Thom Hogan

    Nikon V2 Review | Sans Mirror — mirrorless, interchangeable lens cameras | Thom Hogan
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    I shall translate the clerk's pronouncement:

    "I spend all my time on DPReview and don't actually take many photos in the real world. Besides, we make more money off the Sony's."
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    That is interesting, usually it is the other way around, eg Canikon is recommended. I guess Sony is pushing its market share, eg look at these prices from talknex post, free camera at the 16-50mm lens price:
    NEX 3N for $349, other NEX cameras cheap too.

    I don't have a Nikon, but I use nex and RX100. From the high iso comparisons to RX100 (has same size sensor as Nikons), the Nikon sensor looked a little dated. I don't know why Nikon hasn't used the Sony 1" sensor for those cameras, maybe the phase af. Here is a comparison sensors:
    DxOMark - Compare cameras side by side

    Nikon might be a better camera with its tracking, but it will struggle to give you better photos with slower aperture lenses at long end in low light esp if you shoot birds, etc. I can see that with RX100, eg wide angle at fast aperture vs long end at slower aperture. So it depends on what you shoot vs print, etc.