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  1. I decided to spring for a cheap adapter from ebay, so I could use my pentax lenses with the Nikon 1 system. As I thought, its not possible to use the DA lenses, only those which can be fully manual, with aperture rings. I did some test shots in the study and found that my K55 f/1.8 and the dead cheap HOrusbennu 50mm f/1.7 work fine with it, but the K55 is a large lens and its difficult to hold steady on the small body. The Horusbennu is a little better, because its near pancake sized (about the same size as the FA43, but weighs a lot more).

    I even played with and adapter + adapter and plonked the old Rokkor-PG 50mm f/1.4, and Formula5 200mm f/3.5 on it, but the weight is far too much, and even if a tripod was used, would likely be too much weight for the little camera.

    So, tomorrow, I'll probably shoot some samples in the yard and post here. I can't see myself using it for long, but... maybe with the Horusbennu.
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    Maybe a picture of it with Horusbennu mounted?
  3. Here are some samples, taken with the above combo. IN brief, I'm not that chuffed with it, its certainly doable but there are so many issues, that I don't think its worth bothering. There is no connection at all between the lens and the body of the camera, apart from the adapter which is only designed to make space between sensor and lens. So no information is available, apart from what your eyes tell you, and mostly what they tell you is wrong.

    First, the dandelion flower. I thought it would be far too bright, but in fact, it was about right, in terms of light. Focus? Rubbish. Its not quite a 100% crop but you can see its not very clear. The lens itself is not the greatest quality but its better than this, I think.
    View attachment 72825

    Next, the grevillea bud. I was trying to focus on the bud... I thought I had it, but clearly did not
    View attachment 72826

    Last, a long shot of the street. It was OK... but its not what I would use the lens for, normally.
    View attachment 72827

    It might be better with the K55, I'll have a shot with that in a moment... but the weight of it would defeat me in the end. Its unbalanced on this body.

    What I find most annoying is the lack of focus confirmation. Everything else I can deal with, but not having focus confirm is an annoyance. first world problems eh?
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    I bought a cheap adaptor for my om50.
    I was happy with the results but like you found it all a bit of a chore . I'm sure nikon realised it could be done, but decided people would buy for the systems focus speed.
  5. for me, it was worth doing for the exercise. I've thought about it some more and am not bothering to use it unless there is something I specifically want to photograph. If one can nail the focus, the bokeh is really quite pleasant, and the DoF shallower than with the native lenses I have right now. I don't know how the 18.5mm will measure up, or the 32. Anyway, I'll be buying the 18.5 and a refurb 30-110 from Adorama or B&H (see my post in the watering hole about why Cameta is now out of the question) but I think I might wait a little longer before doing so.
  6. Wow, looks like imgur trashed my images. They changed the site, I didn't realise that I'd lose my stuff as a result. OK, no more uploads to there.
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    Agapanthus: V1 + K55 by kyte50, on Flickr

    Just to make the thread worthwhile. I posted this in the main "samples" thread, but an uncooked version :)
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