Night scene - noise and detail - Leica C-112 and Leica D-Lux6.

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    Here is a comparison of noise and detail with several different ISOs. It won't be a completely fair comparison since the second C-112 image is closer than the first C-112 image and also closer than the third image (from the D-Lux6). The first image is ISO 1600 (C-112, 1/4 second), the second is ISO 80 (C-112, 6 seconds), and the third is ISO 1250 (D-Lux6, 1/4 second).



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    The second image was updated automatically when I updated it on my website. It's now the C-112 at 1600 ISO, with exposure time of 1.3 seconds at f8.0 - I expected the camera would stick with f5.x at the somewhat long exposure using shutter priority, but instead the camera chose f8 - most peculiar. Anyway, it's a good compare now showing how much better the 'C' is with proper exposure, but just as important, that you can't depend on a straightforward calculation such as 20 times the ISO, therefore 1/20 the shutter speed.
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