Night Bridge with the Panasonic ZS50/TZ70

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    Day (or night) number 2 with the Panasonic ZS50/TZ70: I had to use ISO 200 here, or read the manual to figure out how to get a longer exposure, so I just opted for easy and set ISO 200. The first (landscape) image is noisier for some reason, but part of that is because the bridge supports are 1/2 mile away, while the second (portrait) image was 1/4 mile distant. These were JPEG only, so I couldn't expect miracles, yet it's clear to me that the 12 mp sensor is doing better in this kind of light. I can see that the camera is executing the "Long exposure noise reduction" that other cameras offer, but I don't remember that being an option with this camera. I'm pleased with these results.

    f4.8, 4 seconds, ISO 200.

    f5.5, 4 seconds, ISO 200.
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