New Voigtlander 21/1.8 - shootout vs. 21 Summilux, Super-Elmar and Zeiss (on Leica M, NEX7 and GXR)

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    Accidentally came across this well written review on a site that I've never seen before about a lens that I didn't even know existed. I haven't been keeping up with Leica M stuff for a while as it's definitely something not in my price range anymore. I've always liked Voigtlander lenses, because it was more affordable relative to its Leica and Zeiss counterparts.

    Fast 21mm lenses for full frame cameras are pretty rare as far as I know. So a 21/1.8 is pretty awesome, especially when priced at $1250 vs. the Leica Summilux 21/1.4's price of $7000!

    The author also tests the lenses on the NEX7 and Ricoh GXR.

    Here's the review by Ron Scheffler:

    ยป Fast M-series 21mm lens shootout on Leica M9, NEX-7 and Ricoh GXR - TechTalk with Ron Scheffler
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