New releases: Lightroom 3.6 and ACR 6.6

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by BBW, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Just read about this on dpreview:Adobe releases Lightroom 3.6 and ACR 6.6: Digital Photography Review

    These are final versions and 9 new cameras have now got RAW support. :yahoo:

    Happy Holidays!
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    Thanks BB!
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    Cr 6.6

    Now that's what we've been waiting for.
    Keep Eager.
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  4. Lightroom 3.6 available: X10 RAW added Whoooop!

    Updated and running like a dream boat in a pool of liquid loveliness!:thumbup:


    I have Elements 9 but can't seem to update ACR from 6.5 to 6.6????? It just has the update for Elements 10. Is it not available for 9?

    EDIT: It looks like Adobe have conflicting statements regarding PSE9 and ACR6.6. It does not work on PSE9 but i think they are working on it. Lets hope they sort it soon. It's no biggy for me as i have LR and that works fine but it would be nice for ACR6.6 to work. We only just sold that last copy of PSE9 about a month ago so it's not good that Adobe won't update it. I'm sure they will though.
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  5. This needs to be bumped back to the top!
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