New iPhone 6-plus -- first photos.

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    These are my first photos with the new iPhone 6-plus. My impression of the camera is that it's decent enough for having 8 mp and a very tiny sensor, but that it's not an improvement over the previous 8 mp iPhone cameras from Apple. Supposedly it has much better low-light capabilities, and it does seem very good at that, but for everyday photos it's about the same as the iPhone 5 camera. All 3 of these images had a strong yellow cast, even though one was indoors and the others outdoors. I have a few more in the inbox, taken in daylight shadow, which are very blue. I get the idea that this camera doesn't have a good Auto White Balance.

    iPhone 6-plus, f2.2, 1/30 sec. tripod, ISO 100.

    iPhone 6-plus, f2.2, 1/2326 sec. handheld, ISO 32.

    iPhone 6-plus, f2.2, 1/1980 sec. handheld, ISO 32.
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