New GRD 4 Firmware on the 27th

Discussion in 'Ricoh' started by Michael Penn, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hmm, no mention of fixing the IBIS. Mine hasn't worked since the previous upgrade. I did contact them directly but was a bit miffed when they said it was down to wear and tear of the camera! Still I'll try it out - maybe they've fixed IBIS on the quiet. Good to see the snap mode will be available without delving into the menus although I'm a little confused about how they've changed it. I guess all will become clear once it's installed.
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  2. Paul Giguere

    Paul Giguere

    May 4, 2011
    Wayland, MA USA
    I just installed the new firmware upgrade and as far as I can tell, how the IS behaves since the last firmware upgrade (1.17) has not changed. Not sure why Ricoh did this. Could it have to do with IS over-correction (a problem with some IS lens on other camera systems)?

    As far as the snap distance setting fix, I'm quite happy! This was my one real issue with the GRD4 when it was first released. With the latest firmware, you can now assign the snap distance menu to either the ADJ button (and assign snap distance to one of the five available menu slots) or you can assign it to one of the two FN buttons.

    I've assigned it to the first slot under the ADJ button. When you access the option (using either the ADJ or FN button), a menu comes up on the screen (much like it did with the GRD3) and you use the up/down option on the four-way button on the back of the camera to select a distance. Although I have not yet tried this out in actual practice, just fooling around I find that I'm a bit faster in selecting the snap distance than I was with the GRD3 (I always found method with the GRD3 a little awkward but not difficult). I will experiment with also assigning an FN button to the snap distance setting however I prefer to have AE and AF/Snap assigned to these buttons usually. Perhaps I will find the option of having multiple sets of FN button settings a useful feature after all?

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  3. Antonio C.

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    Jan 20, 2012
    Upgraded, I've come to the same conclusions as you concerning the IS.

    Oh well...
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  4. Got it installed now and I do like the new implementation for snap focus. I can see me using that from time to time. Previously I settled on one distance per shoot but that meant some loss in sharpness if you were unable to get within the right range.

    I could not see any improvement either which is a big disappointment. IS definitely upped my keeper rate and allowed me to keep the ISO lower. It also injects a bit of motion into your shots whilst keeping some elements sharp. Without IS I feel I've wasted my money. I could have kept my GRD 3 and bought a nice lens for another camera. Hopefully Ricoh will eventually realise their mistake and rectify it in another release - then I'll be content!
  5. kaheal

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    Feb 29, 2012
    I just ordered my first Ricoh GRD and I am curios, what firmwareversion will be installed. Perhaps the oldest one? So to have correct IS it would be best to avoid an update? Probably it will have the newest - if not, do you think I should install the latest one?

    Cheers Charly
  6. It's a tough call but I personally liked having IS more than any of the changes they've made with the last 2 updates. I'm perplexed as to why more people aren't coming forward and complaining about loss of IS. Maybe for some IS still works with the new firmware though I don't know how that could be?

    If your camera comes with V1.17 then you have most likely lost IS so upgrading to the latest is a no brainer. If it's earlier than V1.17 then I'd avoid upgrading until a version appears that brings IS back.