New cameras supported in SilkyPix DS Pro 5

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by pawzitiv, Dec 17, 2011.

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    I know SilkyPix does not get a lot of love but I still use it occasionally for my Epson R-D1s and Pentax K-5 RAW files.

    I've just upgraded to SilkyPix DS Pro 5 and I'm happy to report that every new "serious compact" is now supported. Even though the supported camera list doesn't mention the new Panasonic GX1, the RAW files from this camera load just fine. The Ricoh GRD IV is not listed either but I'll hazard to guess that it is supported as well. If someone cares to send me a GRD IV RAW file, I can confirm this.

    If anyone is a Silkypix fan and would like to have the no longer available preset "tastes" that were developed by John Nevill (EOS-Images), here is my DropBox link for the whole set of .STF files for both RAW and JPEG:
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  2. I've never really got into SilkyPix, probably just because it came with the Pentax and I had long ago decided that anything supplied by a camera maker was not going to be worth playing with. Perhaps I need to take another look. I have SP4, so will play tomorrow when back on the desktop computer. I've also downloaded those "tastes"/// are they like plugins?
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    I think most folks who try SilkyPix just don't care for the user interface. Like all software programs, it's just a matter of getting accustomed to its quirks.

    The SilkyPix tastes are essentially development presets; some mimic film types, some are subtle and others border on outrageous. The first drop-down menu in the upper left of the SilkyPix screen (with the gear symbol) is for applying these preset tastes. To load additional tastes, use the plus (+) symbol beside the drop-down; it will bring up a taste registration dialogue box. From the dialogue box, select "Import" and navigate to wherever you've saved the unzipped taste files. It's a bit laborious because you need to load each taste file separately.

    Here's an sample using the "300" taste on a Panasonic GX1 image:

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  4. Thanks for that, Arie. I'll take a look tomorrow.
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    Jul 14, 2010
    I have used it for Pansonic m43 interface is Ok just quirky .. for raw conversion not much to change really
    Perhaps noise reduction and or sharpness and perhaps WB if its badly out.
    I would just expert in TIFF and bring into CS5

    Atm I prefer to import the RAW into LR and edit further in CS5

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    SilkyPix Developer Pro is my 'go to' app for post processing, it may quirky but I love it
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    Bill Shinnick
    Haven't received any notification from ISL yet so here is the download link.

    A comparison of the recent and new versions is HERE.