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    Jan 20, 2013
    I'm a minimalist, and I love taking my RX100 everywhere with me. As I'm learning film making I've been using it to practice everywhere I go. It's simple and fast to adjust the iso, aperture, shutter speed, and white balance, and it has peaking. It's basically every videographers dream in my opinion.

    I'll start with my favorite photo I've taken with my RX100:
    Zoey Headshot: littlebitstrouds: Galleries: Digital Photography Review
    I'm not a photo editor, but I love messing around in post and my cat was enjoying this large light source (my TV) so I snapped a shot and saw what I could do with the RAW file.

    Hurricane Rations: littlebitstrouds: Galleries: Digital Photography Review
    Stuck in during Hurricane Sandy I sent this picture out to let friends and relatives know we were all doing well. I really think over sharpening in post brings a painted look to these and I don't mind the camera's noise. This camera really introduced me to the importance of RAW shooting.

    Foot: littlebitstrouds: Galleries: Digital Photography Review
    Laser tag for my buddies 30th had some amazing light I had to take advantage of.

    Brett Headshot: littlebitstrouds: Galleries: Digital Photography Review
    This was an active day, and we were in low light running around. If I had a DSLR with a two thousand dollar lens attached to it, I would have worried about it. But thing slides into my coat and no one knows I have it.

    Likewise I think this camera's video capabilities are amazing.
    Here is a a single handheld shot slowed down post showing my EVO LTE some love:
    Evo Commercial - YouTube

    Jaws Theme Song - YouTube
    A long shot with the star of most of my camera trials.
    Lastly the RX100 on a DIY steadicam with some buddies of mine playing poker the week before I moved in with my girlfriend.

    If you asked me, this camera has some features like peaking, focus assist, and true portability that make it an absolute steal in this price range. The ease of use, once you set it up, is incredible. I know how to manually set my shot up, but most cameras, I find, do not let me adjust things intuitively. If I'm going to use a tool creatively, I cannot be thinking about how I use it, but rather be able to control it and use it without thinking about it. This camera has that, for me at least, and I would recommend it to anyone.
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