Mrs. Peel - we're needed!

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    RIP Patrick Macnee who has passed aged 93. The Avengers (the proper one) was a part of my childhood to the extent that the stirring theme is the ringtone on my phone to this day. Steed was a true chap, more than ably assisted by his feisty and strong female companions (Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel to name but two) and he was personified by the suave and urbane Mr. Macnee. Steed seldom wielded a gun, a result, it is said, of Macnee's own view that he had seen enough killing during the war, in which he served in the Royal Navy. The Avengers was (and remains) unique. A good innings, sadly now ended.

    Cheerio Steed.
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    Steed taught me that one didn't need weapons and violence to be totally badass.

    He was one of those great actors who always just seemed to be himself in his roles. R.I.P Patrick.
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    Nov 21, 2014
    I also remember him in the James Bond film "View to a Kill", Battlestar Galactica, and the New Avengers- to name a few.
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    i will remember him forever as the natty fellow who stood next to--and appeared to have no romantic interest in--my very first 'crush'.
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    I grew up watching The Avengers and Battlestar Galactica. Wonderful times, and a wonderful actor whose passing I feel.
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    Since I was born in 1958, the Avengers was a show I watched as a kid. I had very few mature insights into its subtitles, but it was a favorite. I'll also admit that Diana Riggs in the leather suit might have distracted me from paying more attention to Patrick Macnee.
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  7. I'm a 1955 vintage so I watched the proper Avengers too. Yes all the innuendos flew right over my head at the time. As soon as the Emma Peel years were released in DVD I bought the 16 dvd boxed set. And I know exactly where I was when Mrs. Peel's husband Peter was found alive in the Amazon and rescued and Tara King (yuck, boo hiss) showed up. (the hotel I was in in Seaside OR is still there. Maybe I should mail them a plaque)