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  1. I've had photogene for a long time, but its only recently that I have begun to take it seriously, as I have with many of the other apps I have acquired over the past few years. There are a number of aspects of this app which appeal to me and thus, its taken the place of Adobe Photoshop Touch for more in-depth editing.

    One big advantage (for me) that it has over Photoshop is that it can process raw files that photoshop cannot (eg Fuji S1) Oh yes, and I forgot to say that it does NOT strip EXIF info, which Photoshop Touch does.

    I'll post a couple of screenies. Soon
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    Of course, since saying that EXIF doesnt get stripped... it did on this occasion. I must have done something, myself .. oh well. Heres a few screenies, a decent cross section of what controls you have. Text, which I've not used, covers silly speech bubbles to annotations. One thing I have not yet worked out is how to alter image size on the fly. I don't think you can, you set it up in settings, and I had mine set to 2048 so I've come into my mac to change the sizes in Photoshop CS5.1. You can resize in Photoshop Touch as well, but I don't think any other app I have will do that on the ipad.
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    Thanks for sharing this information, Sue. I think it is a good idea to share experiences with photo software.

    Do I understand correctly it works with in-app purchases? In-app purchases always make me somewhat suspicious because the cost can quickly go out of hand.

    Currently I use iphoto mainly (also have PS express) but my main problem is that I don't want to work with raw files on the ipad. I use my desktop for processing raw files and the ipad for a quick selection and minor adjustments. So jpeg suffices. Raw files are automatically copied to the ipad drive when I use apple's photo and iphoto apps. Is it possible to only import jpegs with photogene?

  4. Hi Peter,

    Yes, it will deal with whichever files you want to manage. I'm not sure what the in-app purchases are, perhaps to go ad-free? Not sure, I paid for it outright when I got it originally. I pulled mine just from the Photostream. Most were jpg. I made that comment about raw because there is nothing on my mac that will handle the Fuji S1 raw files. Given that Adobe has no intention of updating ACR for us anytime soon, if we dont subscribe... this app will do me for that. Mind you, even the most recent ACR does not do the fuji S1 raw files.

    I had PS Express but didnt like it, thats why I bought Touch which is pretty good. I think its still only about $10. Perhaps that might ssuit you better for minor tweaks?
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    I've used snapseed by the Niks Software people. Basic filters and good for quick adjustments.
  6. Yes, Snapseed is great, but limited. I use it for quick fixes, for anything more complex its usually photogene. This other app looked decent