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    Some more of my experiments with the iPhone 6-plus camera: #1 - downtown street from parking deck roof - HDR on the iPhone 6-plus makes one image only for its processing (ignoring 'original' and 'HDR' result), and from what I've seen it doesn't do much - a little reduction of highlights but little or nothing with shadows. The detail isn't bad for an 8 mp phone sensor, but even in the best light it's a bit ragged. #2 - fog on pier - here's an example of how the image loses detail with flat light that's not low light. #3 - pet bird at 320 ISO - lots of smearing and some noise, but given the low light, not bad I thought.

    iPhone 6+, f2.2, 1/1200 handheld, ISO 32.

    iPhone 6+, f2.2, 1/60 handheld, ISO 32.

    iPhone 6+, f2.2, 1/15 handheld, ISO 320.
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    The first, the cloud formation, would have been more exciting without the bridge supports, but even if that were possible the sun was directly in front of the iPhone lens, so all I could do is use the support to block the sun. Two interesting things: One, the cloud formation occurred here and similarly on the opposite horizon at the same time, and two, the EXIF data showed 1/20000 second for the exposure. The second image, taken in full shade, came out very, very blue. Along with that problem was a severe distortion of the person's head - skewed to the right, which I fixed as best I could.

    iPhone 6+, f2.2, 1/20000, ISO 32.

    iPhone 6+, f2.2, 1/1300, ISO 32.