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    A couple of fine, and for the time of year warm days, have seen me visiting the moor whilst tourist numbers are still thin on the ground

    This clapper bridge at Postbridge, frequently photographed during the season, was likely to have been built in the old style as late as the 1300's AD, so much later than other such bridges on the moor, by miners that began working tin at Vitifer and Golden Dagger mines a few miles to the east. Originally the tin was worked from the surface, but later mines were sunk to a depth of about 400 feet. They needed a river crossing to take pack horses carrying the smelted tin down to the stannary town of Tavistock

    In the background the "new" and still used road bridge built in the 1780's

    A good pub just on the outskirts of Widecombe in the Moor that serves a great pint of local farmhouse cider

    Well, I suppose I must show a pony, but this one was far too friendly!

    In the distance is Wistman's Wood, one of only three oak woods at this sort of altitude on the moor. The name "Wistman" might come form the local Devon dialect word "wisht" meaning haunted, whatever I left before darkness fell just in case!

    The trees are stunted, growing as they do in amongst granite boulders

    The sun descends behind Ter Hill

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