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  1. Basically, anything I had uploaded to challenges, or members gallery, has been deleted. In posts, anything prior to February 2014 has been deleted except the photo for Bill's pub, posted in 2011 (which ought to have gone too, if it were just a glitch in the system).

    I'd like to know why and how this could have happened, and I am pretty damned annoyed.
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    Sue, I don't recall exactly when, but I seem to remember a couple years back that you ran out of personal gallery space and wanted your photos deleted. Maybe that tidbit will jar your memory....or maybe someone who is better at searching can find the discussion. I assure you that no one would ever delete your photos without your permission. Especially since there is no way to delete "en masse".
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    ...unless I fat-fingered this event during my reign as a Mod? Don't know my html from my hotmail :blush:
    Seriously though, this sort of sounds familiar.
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  4. Yeah I found the related issue, it was about what was going on in the attachment thing. wanted to delete a bunch from there, but I don't remember doing ti. I know nobody would do it deliberately, but earlier became convinced they had. I just am struggling with memory loss, I think: I have zero recollection of actually doing a delete. Maybe time to get myself seen by someone who knows about these things. If Alzheimers is caused by a slow virus as in Jakob-Kreutzfeldt syndrome, I am screwed... years of looking after demented people :(
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  5. stillshunter

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    Thoughts are with you Sue.

    Be honest if you asked me to list three dinners I had last week I would beyond struggle!
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    I do seemingly daft thing too Sue, put my "face" on but then forget the mascara:(. I also put odd things in the fridge from time to time. I worry about Alzheimer's too as both my dad and his brother had it but we all get a little forgetful as we get older I think.
  7. Generally when you forget things, if its nothing serious, you'll remember later. I have to have my fitbit flex buzzing me twice a day so I remember to have my insulin and other meds. Otherwise I would not remember to do what I need to. In all seriousness, I believe mine is down to lack of sleep over the past 10 years or so. I'm having a cognitive decline and its a royal pain in the butt. In the new year, a new sleep study to exclude narcolepsy. oh joy,
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