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    A great read:

    "I bought a pair of these exciting new cameras. The Fuji X100s, and the XE-1 with an M-mount adaptor. Now, let me begin with a caveat: these cameras are great. .......................... ..............With these cameras I would be unstoppable. Invincible. .................. With these cameras I would never miss a photo because I would always have a camera with me................ With these cameras I would be stealthy, quick, unobtrusive, silent, a vessel for recording the extraordinary in the mundane of the everyday. My photography would change, my life would change, and happiness was just around the corner. And yet the thing is, contrary to all my expectations, having bought these cameras, I did not morph into some Godzilla of street photography, or urban photography, or anything. Quite the opposite actually: I realized that my photos suck, although this didn’t happen immediately either. "

    And the link:http://www.irwinwong.com/blog/how-the-fuji-x-series-made-me-feel-inadequate/
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    Oh boy, yes! Do I know the feeling.

    When I was a pro (I'm now retired) my photography had a sense of purpose and more important, it was carried out to a specific brief provided by a client.

    In an attempt to halt my slide into total mediocrity, I've decided to become, so to speak, my own client and I'm very demanding of the idiot who's foolhardy enough to work for me.

    I do all I can to devise briefs that are going to give him all kinds of problems.

    I also demand to see a complete set of contact sheets. I want to know if he's got what it takes and the balls to deliver what I'm asking of him.

    So far, he has not come up to scratch . . . but he keeps coming back for more.

    Just two tiny problems:

    1/ AS THE CLIENT, am I enjoying the role more than I ought to
    2/ AS THE PHOTOGRAPHER am I up for this kind of humiliation.

    Clearly, this is work in progress :wink:
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