Microsoft Update Tuesday.

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    Bill Shinnick
    This is a security bulletin from the MCT-SafeComputing-List.
    A copy of the text of this email for verification - which may include
    further updates is at:
    Latest Bulletins

    Bulletin ID (also shown on web version): DCLR-8KLHYX

    B U L L E T I N
    Microsoft's August 2011 updates include 13 bulletins of which 2 are rated
    as 'Critical'. The critical items include an Internet Explorer bug which
    could allow remote code execution if triggered. The second relates to how
    Windows handles Domain Name Servers (DNS) although these are usually
    mounted on servers rather than Windows consumer client versions.

    Microsoft has released other updates with a rating of "important" or higher
    for Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7, Office 2003 to 2010 (Visio) and the .NET
    framework. Many of these vulnerabilities can be exploited to infect a PC
    with Malware in the background. However, they usually require users to
    manually open a specially crafted document.

    Your system may update automatically, though you can visit the MS Update
    site and apply the patches immediately if you wish.
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