Michael Reichmann on the state of the camera industry.

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    Bill Shinnick
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    Makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing.
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    Interesting article. Now it is getting pretty similar theme like Kirk Thuck's article was saying also eg "Most cameras are better than most photographers."

    Photography is also wide spread due to technology made it cheap and available to public. NG is running contests and getting some images that are better then some of the pro photographers images that I saw. The NG photographers were saying they have now limited budget and duration compared to what it took to do their assignments. Why NG need to spend tons of money, where sb locally who knows the area can produce as good or better photos. It is similar w/ stock photography.

    The other side is the people's expectations changed to instant facebook photos, IQ is not important for a web sized image... Transition occurred with my family, eg my sister/wife prefers the lower IQ cell phone/tablet photo to better P&S or the other cameras mirorless/dslrs since they can upload to facebook easy and quickly. They don't want to carry any big camera either even it is free. My wife still hasn't used the new xf1 that I bought a month ago for her. Then she is asking why her photo looks so much better at her tablet compared to 1080p laptop screen... She still asks me to take photos w/ a better camera, but then she doesn't wait for the pp as she says it doesn't matter. Also not many photos are printing either compared to the online photos.

    This article is also interesting:
    How Fine Art Photographs are Sold
    He sold it not due to IQ/size/price, just due to location...
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    "Buyer Fatigue" summed it up for me
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    That video is kind of interesting but that guy's monotone droning makes me want to nap.