Metz 44 flash for those who want a TTL speedlight

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    Jan 3, 2014
    My review of the Metz 44 TTL flash for Samsung for those considering it because they want a TTL flash with good power and recycle time.

    I purchased this flash wanting a TTL flash to use for events along side my Canon+YN500ex. TTL for Canon, TTL for my NX1, about as apples to apples a comparison I can do for a comparison of Canon and NX1 for event photography.

    The Metz 44 is about as inexpensive a TTL flash you can get for the NX system if you need good power output and recycle times. At $199 ($159 if rebate) it is expensive. There is a Samsung flash (another Metz flash just rebranded) but is twice as expensive, so finding a workhorse speedlight with TTL for the NX system is not going to be a fun or relatively inexpensive time.

    Metz is pretty well known so you can basically expect good quality as far as reliability or build quality. That said, here are my thoughts on the Metz 44:

    1) First thing I noticed when taking it out of the box was it has a plastic foot!! Plastic foot on a $200 flash is pretty ridiculous. It is like how Samsung doesn't include a wall charger with a $1500 NX1 but want to consider it a pro camera. Really no valid reason for this to occur. :(

    2) TTL works effectively, reliably, and well. Exposure/flash power is set through the camera. I have EV mapped to my back wheel, so controlling it is faster than the YN500 which is adjusted on the back of the flash. :)

    3) The flash is good looking and simple in an almost "Apple" way. Only 5 buttons on the back so you very quickly understand how to work it. That design works well....BUT on a $200 flash, you sort of expect an LCD screen for more functionality. Because of the cost, I give this :(

    4) The battery door is stupid. You can NOT change batteries with the flash on camera. The door slides straight down only, so you have to take the flash off your camera to change batteries. This isn't cool when you're in the middle of an event and have to completely stop, take the flash off, swap batteries, and put it back on your camera. :(

    5) In manual mode you only have 4 power adjustments (displayed by 4 small LEDs on the back). It is like a camera that only does ISO in full stops. Sure you can make it work, but it doesn't give you as much control. Even the dirt cheap YN460ii all manual flash has 8 adjustments...and a metal foot.... :(

    6) No AF assist lamp for Samsung (other brands get it). Although it would be appreciated, I'm not a fan of the green AF assist lamp Samsung uses so I wouldn't like it on a flash. It isn't as discrete as red for DSLRs (different AF system color sensitivity obviously), and the green doesn't help as much as white light. An LED on the flash like a Canon 320ex would work better although not be as discrete. The green lamp on the NX1 still doesn't allow me to get focus lock as fast as the AF assist lamp my YN500 helps my Canon catch focus. I'd rather have a white light if it allowed me to reliably and quickly get focus. Drunk people don't want to stand still for 3-5 seconds while your camera hunts. I see why Fuji went with white for AF assist :(

    7) It is a little larger than the YN 500, but not quite 580ex size, which isn't welcome on the NX for the sake of size and weight. Something in the size of Pentax 360 or Nissin i40 size would be more appreciated. *can't rate this

    Overall I have to say I'm pretty down on this flash. It is about the only real flash with TTL you can get for the NX, so in a way they have you by the short hairs. For TTL work on camera for events, it works. It is easy to use, consistent, and reliably fired.
    Metz is a third party manufacturer but even still, some things aren't excusable for the price: plastic foot, stupid battery door, only 4 power adjustments for manual, no AF assist lamp.

    IMHO, the Metz 44 for Samsung users is a $75-$90 flash being sold for $200. If it was $90 I'd just keep it and be satisfied for what it is at this point in time. It is basically a barebones TTL flash that for the price is hard to justify keeping. The fact that there aren't many TTL options and this is about as inexpensive as it gets is the real selling point :(
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