May Bank Holiday.....

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    turned out better than expected. Traditionally the weather is appalling but today despite the odd shower, it was warm! We took Little B for a walk along a bridle path for a couple of miles and I took a few pics along the way of course. There was virtually no nice light so I've had to invent some here and there ;) Taking Little B in the car anywhere is usually an unpleasant experience, despite him having his own seat and being clipped into the safety belt, he didn't settle today but insisted on standing up panting and clawing at the window. I think he just doesn't like my Mini, it's too "whoosh" for his liking. Anyway by the time we got to the destination he was pulling on his lead for the whole walk . By the time we returned to the car and he'd had a drink of water, he'd thrown up for good measure. I think we'll just stick to the local woods and the park in future! Not very interesting pics but just a small record of the walk this afternoon. A7RII FE55 1.8 or FE28 2.8







    Today I also realised that I just don't want to lug gear about any more!
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