Masts in Brixham harbour (6 images)

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    The weather for the gathering of sailing craft in Brixham this year was markedly different from that of last year

    At one time there might have been over 100 craft such as these in the port at any one time. From left to right the ships are Vigilance, sailing trawler BM76; Pilgrim, sailing trawler BM45; a French dipping lugsail vessel, possibly the Chasse maree Corentin; Leader, sailing trawler, Provident, sailing trawler and Girl Sybil, Cornish lugger PZ595

    Jolie Brise. In 2013 Jolie Brise is celebrating the centenary anniversary of her construction by the Paumelle yard in Le Havre in 1913. The world famous, gaff-rigged pilot cutter was the last boat to carry the royal mail under sail and has won the Fastnet Race three times, including the inaugural race in 1925.

    The bows of Leader and Provident

    The bows of Leader

    Jolie Brise off the end of Brixham breakwater

    Provident beginning to hoist sail showing the typical gaff rig of a Brixham Trawler contrasting with the three masted dipping lugsail rig of the French vessel ahead of the Provident

  2. Some great shot. We don't have ships near us, so always enjoy seeing shots.