Maps... or my fascination with mapping photos

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    I enjoy tweaking my images as much as anyone in LR, but over the past couple of years I have to admit one of my most enjoyable photo processing / management tasks has been spatially locating my photos with GPS, and using Lightroom's map module to visually display the images in map space. I am admittedly map-focused (geologist training...) but especially for travelling photographers reviewing photos in the context of their locations, is a fun way to review / revisit a trip.

    Prior to LR having the map module, I did experiment with GPS add-ons to my Pentax - a bit fiddly, batteries ran out quickly, but it does work. For short trips with not too many images, I don't bother with this anymore; just drag-and-drop images onto the appropriate Google map in Map module, and its done. Here is a clip of the Map module for a recent trip into the maritimes of Canada:

    I have found that I need to do this fairly quickly after a trip; memory fades a bit re. exact locations, and you can determine how much accuracy you are happy with by how fuzzy your location can be. For longer or more complex trips, I also use the LR function that allows one to match images (using their timestamp) with a GPS tracklog - I almost always have my GPS on longer hikes, photo drives etc and any GPS will save your exact path as a tracklog (which can be exported). Here is a portion of a recent cruise in Australia's Kimberley region, you can see the tracklog of the cruise and some related air flights. Since a GPS tracklog contains atomic clock level timing info, LR just matches this with your image EXIF and suggests a location - usually dead on unless your camera wasn't set to local time.

    Not sure how many on PL who do use Lightroom are using this - if not, give it a try!
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