Man Flu and old passtimes revisited

Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by Dewi Sant, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    The last week or so I've had a horrible virus thing going on so I've been laid a bit low and not doing much. Boredom slowly crept up on me but to be honest I couldn't reallly be bothered with anything that required too much effort. So in desperation and having got so fed with TV and reading books I dug out my wife's old sketch pad and started drawing - something I've not done for many years. I used to do a lot of it but it's time consuming and other things took over my life.

    When the sketches were finished I thought I'd try scanning them & putting them through Photoshop to see what effects I could get - Photoshop wasn't even thought of last time I drew anything. Anyway, as a bit of change from posting photos, I thought I'd pop them on here, I enjoyed doing them so may carry on with it now and then, I have got another couple on the go.

    Unfortunately I'm still feelng pretty rough, just can't seem to shake this thing off and I'm supposed to be going to Crufts on Friday too. I hope I'm better for that because a mate has got me a press pass - access all areas. I'll be gutted if I can't make it.

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    Bill Shinnick
    You have a good eye and a steady hand.
  3. Alot better than I can draw
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    I couldn't do that if I traced it...! That's really impressive.

    I used to sketch using watercolours but I was never that good. I've started carrying my paints again, though, on trips over a week in duration. I find that once I have "bedded in" to somewhere it's another good route to a flow state.
  5. Dewi Sant

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    There's something quite theraputic about drawing that I'd forgotten about, it does take your mind off a lot day to day troubles etc. The daft thing is I can only really draw cars / buildings or mechanical stuff, I'm not too bad at landscapes but I can't draw people or faces ... or animals etc. I think it's a throwback to my youth, I was absolutely car mad (still am) and wanted to be a car designer from an early age so was forever drawing them. Then I ended up in engineering, originally training to be draughtsman but was always more interested in the hands on approach of taking stuff apart and putting them back together again so that's where I ended up.

    Thanks for al the comments, I'll probably carry on doing it from time to time now. I must admit that I do like being able clean things up in P/Shop, when I've finished a drawing, especially one in soft pencil the paper always ends up looking really grubby - as do I. The end product after scanning and cleaning looks far better than the original drawing