Made a "flash guard" so that the onboard flash wouldn't be "on axis" and could still trigger an exte

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    Jul 10, 2013
    So my quest has been to figure out a way to use the onboard flash to trigger slaves to get good indirect lighting while not showing any "on board" flash at all.

    I found two ways, and they are equally effective.

    1.) I make this little doohicky; a piece of plastic with aluminum tape on the inside so that the flash is reflected back into the room and not at the subject. It works great. i thought I'd put a tiny piece of velcro on the "sony" on the front of the camera so that this could stick to it and I could have both hands free.

    2.) Cup your left hand around the front of the onboard flash and it will do the same thing; reflect the flash to the sides and rear while shielding it from the subject.the disadvantage is that you are left shooting one handed. I shot the image of the doohicky this way.

    Here are a sample image; I put up a flash in the corner to raise the light level in the room so that low ISO could be used.

    Second shot is the doohicky. DSC00426.jpg DSC00427.jpg
  2. I have a similar kind of device, works great.