Macro of ballpoint pen (writing ball end)

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    My first iPhone macro, using the $69 USD Olloclip Macro clip-on lens. This is the writing end of a Mont Blanc ballpoint refill. I didn't think about it at the time, but I didn't expect the ball to be moist with ink, since I hadn't used the pen for at least 6 hours, yet it reflected quite a lot of the gift shop I was in, albeit with the obvious distortion. There are 2 lenses in the clip-on device - a 21x lens (used here), and a lens that does 7x and 14x. Depth of field at 21x is very narrow - perhaps 1/2 mm at best. Focusing is very, very close, but due to the design, the iPhone/lens combination didn't seem to block any of the light I was using in several different settings today.

    iPhone6s-plus, f2.2, 1/15 sec. handheld, ISO 32.
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